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Veggie Jambalaya

Originally Posted By: dkramalc

Veggie Jambalaya (serves 4):

1 T olive oil
1-2 onions, minced
cup green onion, minced
2 tomatoes, chopped
1 t garlic, minced
1 bell pepper, minced
cup nut meats
cup wine
t thyme (dry)
3 t parsley, minced
1-2 t salt
t pepper
t cayenne
-1 t chili powder
t cloves
2 bay leaves, crushed
1/8 t mace or nutmeg
[1 cup rice + water to cook]
c bean juice
5/8 cup dried pinto beans, cooked, or 1 cups canned beans

Saute onions in olive oil until browned; add remaining ingredients and simmer 30 minutes. Add cooked brown rice; dehydrate.

Note: for 5 persons, used:

1c. dried beans
2 onions
3 tomatoes
3 peppers
1 c. nuts
4 rice cooker cups of raw brown rice
spices: same as above
dehydrated 12-16 hours

Loosely adapted from a recipe in Linda Yaffe's High Trail Cookery and also one given me by a friend that may be from the Gonzales Jambalaya Contest.


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