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Alpine Spaghetti

Originally Posted By: Longhair29

Recipe: ALPINE SPAGHETTI (Serves 3-4)

1 Lb. thin spaghetti

4 Tbs. oil

1 cup Parmasean Cheeze (can also bring a tinny 2" x 3" metal grater and block)

4-6 tsps. ground Sweet Basil

1-2 Tbs. Parsley Flakes

Garlic powder and pepper to taste

Cook and drain the pasta. Add oil and toss, then mix in the remaining ingredients.

Note, this one is pretty fast, easy and light weight. My GF & I have eaten this for din, din, on the San Juans. As I remember it's decent, but possibly needs more basil for flavor. My suggestion would be to fix it at home first and then experiment with adding more spices.

Source: COOKING THE ONE-BURNER WAY Gourmet Cruisine for the Backcountry Chef by Melissa Gray & Buck Tilton Second Edtion

I highly recommend this book, the chapter on Pretrip Planning is one of the best I've read, concise but covers it all precisely, whether your Backpacking trip is 3-days, three weeks, overnight or multiple months long this is a great book.


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