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Backpacking Recipes

Creamy Refried Bean Soup

Originally Posted By: Gershon

This one is good enough for company at home and is my own recipe. The ingredient are for one serving. The creamy refers to the texture and not to any dairy products.

I also sprinkle some cumin in it to give it a good Mexican flavor.

The refried beans are dehydrated. I find them in the Mexican section of our local organic store.

The chips are eaten separately.

Add water and allow to sit about 5 minutes. Then add some more if needed to make it soupy. Heat slowly or it will froth up and boil over.

I've tested this several times and it always turns out real good. It's simple to make and easy to prepare at home. The ingredients fit in a small snack Zipoc. (Except for the chips. I usually cary a bag of those.)


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