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Gershon Favorite Hot Cereal

Originally Posted By: Gershon

After months of testing, I've found my favorite. The recipe is my own. If published, just give credit to Gershon.

My criteria for cooking is 300 calories/serving, 1.5 pounds for 3,000 calories in a day. 30% fat, 15% protein over the day. Cost less than $5.00 a day. Everything can be cooked in a 2 cup pot. (The size of the pot with my SVEA 123 stove.) Each serving must fit in a small Ziplock snack bag.

This recipe will not respond well to adding hot water and waiting as the carob won't melt well and the grain won't absorb enough water. I simmer it in the pot until it is bubbling well and the mixture turns chocolate color from the carob melting. Be sure to stir to the bottom or there will be clumps on the bottom.

I add water to the mixture so it is about 3/8 inch from the top of the 2 cup pot. It looks soupy at first, but thickens as it's simmered.

All measurements are in grams.


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