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Crazy Lightweight Pasta

Originally Posted By: Pappy

Crazy lightweight Pasta

This is a really great pasta recipe that I got from a gentlemen named Tinny and he makes alcohol stoves from beer cans. I kicked the recipe up a notch or two, I think Tinny would be proud.

Iíve cooked this meal many times once in a canteen cup assisted with a GSI cup, all the ingredients will fit in a large Zip-lock bag that you can stick in your pocket until dinner time. I also mention this recipe in my May 2009 trip journal. This is a bulletproof tough pleasant tasting meal that is pretty much made from scratch.

In a large Zip-lock freezer bag place:

    Ĺ Cup dry Macaroni shells of your choice, 1 full cup of Angel hair pasta is good as well.

In a separate baggy combine:

    2 Heaping tablespoons of tomato soup dry base powder.
    2 Heaping tablespoons of McCormickís spaghetti sauce mix.
    1 Packets of restaurant sugar, I like the raw cane sugar (Lighter Flavor)
    ľ Teaspoon of garlic powder. (Not salt)
    Spare Nalgene bottle filled with a nice burgundy (Optional)

Stick that baggy into the big baggy, finally in a last bag add ľ cup beef gravel (dehydrated hamburger) Oh! And throw in a couple of individual packs of shelf stable parmesan cheese and one individual pack of olive oil. I buy these individual packs from a place called I donít work for the folks or anything itís just a good place to buy travel amounts of food.

Pappy tip: After dehydrating food place it in the freezer for two weeks, this will pasteurize the food and it will last for weeks and weeks in the field without getting moldy.

In the field when youíre ready get a nice hot fire or light up the stove boil up 2 cups of water, get a good rolling boil going. Pour in your gravel and let it sit. Most folks say 5 minutes I like 10 better, with my teeth I donít want any surprises know what I mean. This is a good time to cook the pasta unless youíre using dehydrated pasta which you would just add to the gravel.

Once the gravel is nice and re-hydrated you need to put the pot back on the flame. At this time you will need to add a bit more water. Now pour in all the dry ingredients and the olive oil into the pot stirring constantly until the brink of boiling cover turn down the heat and just simmer for a few minutes. The simmer melts the hard spices and blends into the gravy, stir well again. This is usually the time I make up a hunk of bannock; I always add a pack of parmesan cheese and some butter buds to it. (Oh! Olive GardenÖ shut your mouth please.)

The feast on the trail is about to begin light the camp candle lantern, l'amore Ť in aria. Then simply pour your nicely simmered gravy over the noodles sprinkle on some parmesan break off (Never cut) a chunk of warm bannock uncap the burgundy and enjoy Capeesh!


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