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Simple Chicken Fajitas

Originally Posted By: deeddawg

Simple Chicken Fajitas

7oz pouch of chicken
1/2 packet of Fajita seasoning mix
1 Tbsp olive-oil (approximate)
small onion
small green pepper
one or two serrano peppers
three or four 8-inch four tortillas

At-home preparation:

Note water requirements for fajita mix, remembering to divide by half. You will need to add this amount of water when cooking. You will also need to carry a knife and small cutting board which is suitable for cutting the green pepper, onion, and serrano peppers.


Cut green pepper and onion into fajita-appropriate strips, chop serrano pepper(s) into small pieces. Add oil to pan/pot and heat, then add onion and peppers. Saute until onions become translucent, then add chicken as well as the fajita seasoning mix and the appropriate amount of water for the sauce. Continue cooking until sauce has thickened slightly and remove from heat.

Serve in tortillas. This will serve one REALLY hungry hiker or two moderately hungry people.


Be very careful what you do with your hands after chopping the serrano peppers. I accidentally rubbed my nose while chopping them once and paid dearly...

This is a meal best suited for a one-nighter or the first night on the trail due to the weight of the fresh and non-dehydrated ingredients. If hiking a long ways before dinner, consider chopping the onions & peppers at home and placing in a baggie -- this has more prep work than an exhausted hiker will want to perform. I like this on outings with my son's Scout troop as they're usually not a terribly long ways from the trailhead.

Flour tortillas tend to hold together better than corn tortillas in my experience.

This may not work well on an alcohol stove, being better suited for a cannister or whitegas stove with a good adjustable flame. It might work though, I just haven't tried it on my alcohol stove.

Be ready to share as it will get you many envious looks from your hiking partners as they are digging into their Raman noodles.

Source for this idea was a desire to prove to the Scouts that backpacking food didn't have to be Ramen or Mountain House.

-- Lew


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