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Featured Book
The Kids Campfire Book

This fun book includes a wide variety of pertinent topics: how to select the right wood for the specific type of fire that is being built; recipes for food to cook over an open fire; games to play; songs to sing, complete with the music and lyrics; ghost stories for spine-tingling telling; helpful hints for interacting--or not--with wildlife and insects; guides to viewing the night sky; and the appropriate gear for sleeping under the stars.

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  Backpacking & Hiking with Children

You have children and would like to take them with you into the backcountry. Good idea! and here are some resources to help you - camping, hiking and backpacking with children; kid's activities for the wilderness; best hikes with children and more! Go for it - the kids will thank you!

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Go Hiking !
The kids will thank you!

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Visit the Hiking with Kids website and also the Hiking with Kids discussion forum.