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Hiking and backpacking with kids! Taking your children with you into the backcountry can be an exciting and rewarding adventure for children and parents, alike. I have been taking my 5-year old grandson with me on overnight backpacking trips and he can easily hike, by himself, a 5-mile approach to our intended basecamp. We just slip him a Tiger's Milk bar every once in awhile and he's good to go. He's got his own gear, including sleeping bag and loves sleeping in the tent.

This website is designed to cultivate awareness for parents who would like to take their children hiking and/or backpacking and who are not sure or have questions and would like to know more about technique, equipment and so on. We here at TLB are all learners, some know more than others and are happy to share. The TLB Discussion Pages are a great place to exchange information, particularly the "Hiking with Kids" discussion accessible from the menu on the left side of the page.

Enjoy the page and add to it, if you so desire!

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