We all love UL equipment that does the same job as regular equipment.

Case in point: My Princeton Tec Quad headlamp is great (and regulated for better light over the life of the battery). But it's not exactly "UL".

Could a CREE single bulb headlamp, or even the not-quite-as-bright Luxeon bulb, be put in a regulated headlamp that's 1/2 the weight of my PT Quad lamp? 1/3 the weight?

If so why the heck hasn't someone done it? Seems fairly simple.

And, nice as it is, why isn't my small Coleman "Xtreme" Cree bulb lantern regulated? I think, if people were aware of the better performance of regulated LED lights they would pay the premium to get it. And I mean TRUE regulated circuitry, not the lesser type as in my PT Quad.
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