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Basic Disclaimer

Original TLB Disclaimer, from 1996:

...... if you happen to break your neck in the backcountry while thinking about something you heard here, we empathize but accept no responsibility.

Our original disclaimer, stated above, is still valid.


We do our best to maintain security and keep your personal information secure, but we cannot make any guarantees. We admit hackers and that sort of person are smarter than we are. However, we do our best to protect your information. You enter these forums at your own risk so take every precaution. Change your password regularly. Be prudent with personal information that you make available to the general population. Thank you.!!

The TLB Forum is a private entity which we have made available for your use, at your own risk. We, at TLB, accept zero responsibility and liability with regard to your use of these forums. We make no promises to you, with respect to their performance, longevity of their existence, their content or lack thereof, and to your overall experience, including your compatibility or incompatibility with the forums community. We also disclaim responsibility and liability for anything you might say against someone else and what they might say about you! We always reserve the right to delete or remove anything in the forums that is against stated policy. Furthermore, we disclaim responsibility and liability for everything else that we didn't mention above.

By entering this website, to include the TLB Forums, you agree with our disclaimer. You also agree that your use is at your own risk and your resultant thought patterns and subsequent actions are no one's responsibility but your own.

Although we promote lightweight backcountry equipment and have a lot of fun testing it, making it and talking about it, this site is concerned with more than just gear. Go back to the TLB HOME page and check out the main menu. This site is concerned with skills, safety, ethics, concepts, practices, processes, techniques, and more than that - as well as gear!

Any newbie can talk off the top about gear, but be careful. The TLB Forums is comprised of experienced packers. If the advice you give exceeds your practical knowledge, we will know, and if we perceive you as a threat to the safety of other folks, we will, at a minimum, gently inform you. We'll also point you to several resources like the Beginner Backpacker, Winter Backpacker & Winter Camping Tips, 14 Essentials, Ethics, Knowledge Nuggets and other pages at this website that attempt to teach backcountry practices beyond knowledge of gear. In addition, we are knowledgeable about other websites and available resources to appropriately equip you with information useful in gaining experiential knowledge to go along with the gear knowledge you got at some trendy gear store. Each year, we see hundreds of newbies in the woods all decked out in their high-tech gear, but otherwise unprepared. They've got the gear but they don't have the acumen required to keep themselves and others around them safe. That's what we're about - not just gear!


In particular, we accept zero responsibility or liability related to your transactions in the "Buy & Sell Gear Here!" forum. We strongly recommend that you do your own research. We do not screen folks who sign up as members of the TLB Forums.


Here are some tips in researching sellers and buyers in the TLB "Buy & Sell Gear Here!" forum:

  • One way to research a user is to click on their user name which will take you to their personal profile. If they have been a member a short time with few messages posted, be aware. If they do not fill out their name, email, and so on, in their personal profile, be aware. Ask the following questions:
    • has the user been a member for very long?
    • has the user posted other messages, unrelated to buy/sell gear?
    • did the user include their name, address, email in their personal profile?

  • If you or anyone with whom you inquire is not familiar with another user, be aware. Ask the following questions:
    • has this user been previously involved in buy/sell transactions in the forums? If so, contact persons via Private Message and make appropriate inquiries of those who have had transactions with that person.
    • is the user someone well known in the forums?
    • does anyone else know the user? (ask this question in the buy/sell forum)

Pretty simple really, ship with insurance and tracking. That way, you have evidence that shipment was received. If shipment wasn't received, the shipper will reimburse you for the value of the insurance.

UPS automatically provides tracking numbers which can be used at their online website to track progress of your shipment.

LIABILITY / SEARCH for TRAVELING PARTNERS - Rules for Acquiring Backcountry Buddies

Common sense, common sense, common sense. This caution is for all forums at Be prudent at all times and do not take risks. If someone on the forum with whom you are not acquainted (especially new members) wishes to get together for any reason (backcountry travel, fishing, etc.) exercise due diligence to vet the person by inquiring of other members, other forums, other resources, before committing to a get together. Obviously, you do so at your own risk. We cannot and do not accept responsibility for any experiences you may have while meeting up with other forum members (i.e., folks you communicate with on this forum). Thanks.

Thanks, and let's keep building a warehouse of "lightweight knowledge".  

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