I made one using silnylon fabric and aluminum tent pole sections and 5/8" webbing. 5/8" is the smallest ladderloc buckle I have found, and grosgrain ribbon tends to slip in a ladderloc in my experience. Mine weighs about 6 oz. I take it snow camping but not in the summer because I like the fact that the Cascade designs chair (10 oz) offers some protection for my ultralight thermarest. Sitting on rocks and pine needles is a little risky with just the silnylon prtecting my precious nighttime comfort. I could make another with mostly silnylon, and add some oxford just on the bottom, but the littel difference in weight just doesn't seem worth the work. Mostly I don't take either one in the summer anyway - I can usually find someplace fairly comfortable to sit. Snow camping is different - I really appreciate being able to sit comfotably in the tent.