[color:"blue"]Okay, everyone's been so helpful. After reading quite a few "stove" sites, I noticed some were putting in their holes pointed toward the center rather than straight up.

So, as I think I said, I took the cap of the Etowah II and made the holes bigger and angled them to the center. I have an 'older' version which uses a small half-ounce container . . . not the ones I've seen lately with the flatter container -- for the alcohol. I'd already heard that they didn't work too well as alcohol stoves since they were intended for esbit.

Well the inclusion of a piece of gauze (since I had no insulation) to keep the alcohol from burning too fast (I guess), with 1/2 ounce of alcohol, I got two cups of tap-cold water to a vigorous boil in ten minutes. And had alcohol to spare.

This bodes well. I also used the wind screen and will modify it with little "V" for the places the handle on the snowpeak 700 cup will fit.

It works. I got a lot of good info from you all, I may end up changing or making my own while on the AT this summer, and if I do, the education I received here will be well used.

Thank you again, Coosa [/color]
Auntie Coosa
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