I took a little cat food can, used my Pampered Chef can opener to remove the lip and then used a dollar store hole puncher to put in two rows of holes. The top row of 10 about 3/4" apart just under the indentation and the bottom row of ten between the holes on the top row and as far as the hole puncher would allow me to.

I put a tablespoon of alcohol in the stove and my SnowPeak 700 titi cup with two cups of water on top. The water was warm enough for tea but not to cook a meal and I fotgot to time it.

Problem was that the FLAME was coming up the sides of the pot making the handles HOT.

So, I'm going hunting for more alcohol (at Home Depot) and fot some other can that I can use. I tried a cola can but I can't get the walls even all the way around. And I know it would be too fragile.

Rather than get another pot (I just got this one from the BuyandSell here), where might I find a can with a 1 3/4 to 2 inch diameter? That I can poke holes in with the hole punch.

Thank you for your help and assistance as I re-invent the alcohol stove.