Thanks for the input.
I too worry about my 1.1 sil ripping through due to the pin holes. And as knots go I think it will be the last thing to fail. I did another test and while I couldn't get the pin hole to rip any further then it's own wee rip-stop square, I did only test it for 10 minutes. A very hard 10 minutes.
Ray's other suggestion is to make two slits in the patches. Once again, I don't like it unfinished.
I tried using my 1-step button holer and it works great on everything but the 1.1 sil nylon. The machines has a tendency to eat the little. Literally like a magician the patch gets pushed into the machine and poof it's all gone.

So now my plan is to make two button holes 3/4 inch long 1/2 inch apart on a large piece of my ripstop. After making four groups of 2 I will cut them out and sew these to the precut circle patches. I feel better making the slits in the top layer knowing that underneath the buttonholes will protect it from spreading. My wife says just cut the circles around the buttonholes and make it all in one layer.

It seems after such a good design from Ray that the lifter patches are almost an after thought. None of his lifter patch designs seem professional or even logical.

I must say how cool I am! I made a killer 2 person tarp that not only looks cool as hell but is near bomb proof! First time in a long time I have had that level of self satisfaction! D-u-n!

Your thoughts on the patches redesign?
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