Nearly all my hikes are solo, with only my dog for companionship. I like it that way because I prefer being alone. When I'm with a group, I'm always "tail-end-Charlie" and slow the rest of the group down. I've always tried to stay on trails where I can be sure of someone's coming along within the next 24-48 hours should something happen to me. However, I finally bought a PLB (Personal Locater Beacon) because I'm planning some off-trail trips this summer. I don't plan to take any extra risks (I have lots of off-trail navigation experience), but at least having the PLB keeps family and friends off my back! Should I break a leg or get pinned by a boulder while off-trail, I have a button to push. Having the PLB actually makes me more reluctant to take additional risks which might result in pushing said button. The fines and "vacations" in Federal prison for pushing the button in non-life-threatening situations are considerable!

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May your trails be crooked, winding, lonesome, dangerous, leading to the most amazing view--E. Abbey