Kevon....big cities bring big city crime. Plus, the news media makes it seem all the bigger. I moved to DeSoto in the 60s when it was under 5,000. We're now close to 50,000 and part of Dallas. We went from small town crime to big city crime, and all the ugly stuff you describe (except that arms dealer....22 years ONE GUY was responsible for 300 burglaries, many in my neighborhood, over the last two years. He's been caught and the break-in rate has slowed to a crawl. We've got the "scare crow bandits' here. A ring of bank robbers that work in 5's and 6's...none caught and hitting banks all over the metroplex. So, lots of big city crime might be caused by just a few bad apples.
Guns, or lack of guns, really makes no difference. The guns aren't doing the violence. Nor are the knives or ATM bulldozers. It's people who fear no consequences for their actions, nor have the IQ to realize there are other options in life.
What stops crime is for us citizens to be vigilant and watch out for each other. That's what we did here and I've met more neighbors in 2 years than the other 20 I've lived in this neighborhood! Our 'citizens police academy' and 'citizens on patrol' classes are packed.
So, when people cause crime, other people undo crime. Our local police department is very active getting the community and HOA's involved. It works and none of us carry guns! <img src="/forums/images/graemlins/grin.gif" alt="" />
Sounds like your marina needs to organize.

ps...I know you lived in these parts and if memory serves, your Mom still does??
DFW is starting to act like Chicago.

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