I have been using this on the last three trips and so far it has been great. I measure enough out in a baggie for 6 pancakes (3 for me 3 for Rooty). Just add water and shake the heck out of the baggie. I bite off one corner and use the baggie like a cake decorating bag - just squeeze some out. They brown up very well and are not super heat sensitive - they don't burn easily. I have been using honey as my syrup. I need to get some maple syrup ( my fav).
I have used the mix that comes in a plastic bottle in the past, but there are too many limitations and cost with that type.

Oh yeah- I used Sarbars husbands advice on putting my olive oil in a regular plastic bottle and using teflon tape to seal the threads -DUH, why did I never think of that. The oil has been in that bottle for three weeks and I have kept it a baggie - there is not one bit of oil on the inside of the baggie - meaning not the least little leak. And it has been upside down, sideways, whatever, just packed in my food bag. This is a fantastic solution to taking oil. Thank you.