I just emptied out my kit, and found:

3" compression bandages (2)
3"x3" gauze pads (3)
Extra-large (2") Band-Aids (2)
1" Band-Aids (5)
3/4" Band-Aids (5)
Butterfly Band-Aids (5)
Fingertip Band-Aids (2)
Knuckle Band-Aids (2)
Blister pads (1 Spenco, 2 Band-Aid brand)
3"x4" moleskin (2)
Tweezers ("Uncle Bill's Sliver Grippers")
Folding Scissors ("Slip 'n' Snip")
Small magnifier
Rolaids (1/2 roll)
Small wad of cotton
Triple Antibiotic ointment (1 packet).........past expiration date, needs replacing.
Aspirin (12)
Advil (Ibuprofen), 2-tab packets (2)
Salt tablets (8)
Curad "Wound Wipe" (1)
Sawyer "Sting Aid" wipe (Benzocaine) (1)
Burn Gel packet (Lidocaine) (1)
Benadryl, 2-tab packet (1)

Total weight, with Zip-Loc bag and nylon pouch, 5.9 ounces.

Other items sometimes carried:

3" ACE bandage
Sawyer Extractor
Athletic tape (This is to tape my foot in case of plantar fasciitis flareup. I haven't needed it yet, hope not to.)

In addition, I have both needles and duct tape in a small repair kit, which could have some
first-aid uses.