I take not very much, but I'm also not really trained to cope with anything beyond basic
first aid.

What I have goes in a ziploc, in a nylon bag

8 fabric elastoplasts
4 waterproof band-aids
3 4x4 pads
6 or 8 band aid blister pads
moleskin patch
4 butterfly bandages
3 safety pins
4 naproxen and 2 ibuprophen, 1 centrum vitamin per day hiking
6 Percocet
6 benadryl
polysporin ointment in a teeny container
iodine in a teeny container

The most common thing that gets used is the blister stuff - almost always on someone else on the trail I take pity on.

Now some of my other gear is then dual use for first aid if necessary. Tshirts can make slings and bandages, duct tape and 130lb dacron fishline is wrapped around my trekking poles, and the soles themselves. along with my swiss army knife with tweezers and stuff. (I've done "swiss army surgery" a few times)

I don't carry sew-up stuff, except when hunting and then its a big one used to sew up an abdominal cavity after removing things. I trust in duct tape and butterfly bandages if the
need arises.
Any fool can be uncomfortable...
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