So, is Bill (Fornshell) and gardenville the same? I noticed they are both from SA and was wondering if they are one and the same. Having just moved from SA, I was surprised that there was actually another individual that likes backpacking and lives there. They have different avatars for here and BPL.com. I have been reading alot of Bill's work on BPL and he has really got me thinking about a lot of stuff with pack design and quilt design.

Hi finallyME,

Yep, one and the same. I have owned a home here in SA for a long time. I have thought about moving to a real 4 season area (think snow) but I am to connected to some really great medical care and don't want to move and have to start over with a new bunch.

Gardenville is a trail name that I had when I first joined here. I change the avatars at BPL.com when ever I make something really different. The hammock I am in on the avatar at BPL is made out of Cuben Fiber and really light. It was about 38 degrees "F" in SA where I live this morning so I was out in it checking out a new idea for a sleeping pad.

The Cuben fiber part of the hammock weighs 2.36 ounces. Everything else necessary to hang the hammock adds another 4.59 ounces for a total hammock hanging weight of 6.95 ounces. I am working on the weight to try and bring it down another ounce or so. Anyone interested can check it out here.
Cuben Hammock

To keep this sort of on-topic I stopped making quilts. I now make a sleeping bag but with a non-insulated bottom. I use very light Cuben fiber for the non-insulated bottom to keep the weight as low as possible. The non-insulated bottom keeps the sides of what used to be my quilts under control and they are a lot warmer than a quilt.