Thanks for the quick posts.

A few things. TurkeyBacon mentioned that it won't be light enough for summits and suggests using a more qualified material. I think that what I'm using is as lite or lighter then any sleeping bag material. The hemp bag I used to carry the primaloft and fabric is heavier then what it's carrying. The finished weight should be less then 1.7lbs with hardware.

The other issue Kate brought up was the quilting. I didn't want to quilt it as it would cause seams and heat loss though it. I know sleepingbags have offset seams when quilting but I can't see that working for me. While I didn't want to pin or thread baste, compared to quilting I think it might be better. Both for keeping loft and my amateur skills. I saw the spray basting things you talked about and I don't want to chance ruining the DWR or Primaloft with Liquefied Petroleum Gas.

Any other way to baste?

My machine should be able to sew through it all. I have done leather bags for the wife with it and that was much heavier.

Fancy Gear, DWR's, and Titanium Rings; What about your Soul? Does it Bling Bling?