I know Snugpak also sells sleeping bags to the general public, or at least they used to. If I remember right they were the same as the military models but in normal colors. I didn't bother checking their specific weights/temperature ratings back then, so I dunno how they perform.

It seems like "survival straws" are just about everywhere, and all of them are the sort of thing that I might keep in a survival kit for a car or boat, but I wouldn't bother packing one for hiking. They're just too cheap to trust on a day-to-day basis. (I think I once saw one for $15 on nitro-pak.com. Too cheap, I tell ya.)

I've bought a few odds and ends through BQ, things I couldn't find elsewhere. I think I saw Aloksaks in their catalog before anywhere else. But for the most part their merchandise is too camo for me.