Thank you for the stainless steel heads up.

Hi Barry,

Thanks for your nice comment.

I look here a lot and normally see many good answers to questions that are posted. I also like the way this site is organized, all except that threads go away at the two year mark. Tell me they changed that.

I would like to run a forum like this format (with spell check) for Super Ultra Light Backpacking ideas and gear.

I know that most folks use the regular galvanized hardware cloth and I used it for several years. It just get nasty looking quick. I am not sure I was ever afraid of catching anything from it but I was very happy when Aaron at Brasslite agreed to sell some of his Stainless Steel (SS) version. I was playing with home made wood stoves and was burning the galvanized stuff up. The SS stuff seems to last forever, well, I haven't burned any of it up yet.

My travels had been almost 100% curtailed by some medical problems and then the follow-up exams have been real close together. They are now getting a bit farther apart and I might have a window open for a long hike sometime from late April to maybe the first of September this year.

I have never stopped tweaking my SUL gear list. I am working on a very light way to stay warm in my Cuben Hammock from a temperature of about 40 degrees F (early spring on the south end of the AT) up to ?? summer time. There are a lot of ways to do this but I am after the absolute lightest way I can come up with.

I had been doing some testing but then our weather here in south Texas just got warm again. Now I am waiting for some cooler weather.