“Go back and read Barry's comments, it might solve your question”

Yep, sandals solved all my foot problems <img src="/forums/images/graemlins/cool.gif" alt="" />. But this seems to be such a radical idea to hikers (wearing sandals) that I’ll only bring it up if they’re willing to try thinking out of the box. People want to know how to solve their hiking boot or hiking shoe problem. So I think “Oh. They just want to stay with their boot or shoe” so I don’t answer. But when they’re interested in solving their ‘foot’ problem, I’ll put out my ideas because I’ve seen major success.

I like how I can wear one thin sock or 3 thick socks and my feet still won’t get compressed or slip around. And because the back strap is adjustable, I can plant my arch right in the perfect spot of the sandal. And I love the squishiness in the heel.

For cold rainy 30-40F weather (which you might encounter), I wear a wicking wool sock with a Sealskinz over that. I do need to change the inner sock more often in this configuration to keep my feet dry from sweat. Above 50F, I just let my socks and sandals get wet. My constant movement keeps the feet warm.

And because of my nice fitting Teva Terra Fi2 I can now enjoy the following:
1. no need to wear blister treatment.
2. no need to carry blister treatment.
3. no hammer toes
4. lighter footwear gave me way more energy. I noticed that right off the bat.
5. wiggle room for the toes (that’s heaven to me in the backcountry)
6. harder to roll an ankle (vs a trail runner)
7. excellent traction on wet rock.
8. Maybe once/day I have to get the twig out between foot and sandal (it used to be every hour; but not this design).
9. Instant slipper for camp. Just loosen the straps; no extra weight needed.
10. Shoe smell is gone.
11. Don’t have to stop and change socks or take off boot
12. They’re cheaper than the boots and shoes I bought
13. Excellent tread AND arch life. I’m getting 500-1100 miles per Teva. It depends on the terrain.
14. Can expand or contract with different socks without squishing the foot.

May everyone find their foot zen <img src="/forums/images/graemlins/smile.gif" alt="" />.