Years ago, I read of a study of grizzly bear behavior in Alaska, where the researchers experimented with two different kind of small tents, one, the typical tent seen and sold everywhere with bright, multi-colored Day-Glo panels. The second, a tent of a camouflage pattern. As I recall, they pitched these on alternating days on the open tundra about 200 yards from a stream bed well-traveled by grizzlies. Then they watched from afar.
Without exception, every passing bear, upon spying the brightly colored tent, came over to investigate, sometimes damaging the tent in the process.
Also without exception, every bear that looked up and saw the camo tent, paused briefly, then continued on its way without a second glance.
My question is this: Why on earth aren't tentmakers everywhere falling all over themselves trying to manufacture all kinds of camouflage backpacking tents? Speaking for myself, I would have bought one immediately after reading this report had a decent one been available.