I just built a penny stove without having to cut any cans. I used a half size pepsi can i think it is the 250 ml size. all i did was to poke a hole in the bottom of the can to drain the liquid out of it and then drilled a 1/4 inch hole to widen the pin hole and built the stove the same as the penny stove from there. When I tested it i couldn't get the stove to preheat properly due to the cold temperature -15 C out side to solve this proplem I built a stand to hold the stove over a candle that solved the problem and it burned great 2 oz of denatured alcohol to run the stove for 15 minutes. The greatest advantage I can see from this construction method is no risk of the stove blowing apart as it is all 1 peace. I think this construction method would even work to burn whitegas in it but I would need to develop a way to completely seal the center hole before lighting it. Anyone think that that would work without it blowing up in my face?