If you think eVENT is the top, do a search on "ion masking" and "P2i". These guys are claiming waterproof membranes and coatings have had their best time and will be outdated in a very short time. Very interesting stuff.
This stuff looks pretty cool! I think it should be used as the ultimate DWR, but I don't know if it will replace laminates. I would have to see if it is durably waterproof first before I was totally convinced.

The fact that it is only nanometers thin and encapsulates the fibers with a chemical bond makes it highly desirable.

Schoeller's Nanosphere is similar in that it uses nano particles to chemically bond to the surface of the material in an encapulation process. It doesn't wash away and has been shown to be one of the best DWRs on the market. In my demonstrations, I pour juice, pop, or whatever I have on me to show it's water resistance and stain resistance.

Hopefully P2i will be at the Outdoor Retail Show so I can take a looksee.
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