Right there, you give the impression that you work for Westcomb, by saying "we." How about Integral Designs
I do work as a Westcomb rep in the Rocky Mountains (I mentioned this in my post). Integral Designs was one of the first companies to use eVent and I failed to remember they made jackets to which I apologize. You are exactly right, Integral Designs, another North American company also uses eVent. Actually before I started with my current rep agency, we represented Integral. Evan Jones is an acquaintance of mine and a visionary thinker. I have much respect for him. I was saddened when, because of outdated fire-retardency laws, was required to stop using eVent in his tents. This is the perfect material for this application.

Westcomb specializes in outerwear and that's all. They started two years ago in Vancouver, Canada and have made some significant strides since then. Our agency picked them up this year and are very excited to see it take off. Most of the companies currently using eVent are from Europe.

I appreciate the clarifications on my post. I want people to get the most accurate info and I would never claim to have all the facts. This is what's so great about forums such as this. I would welcome any other corrections that I may have misrepresented.
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