This is a great stove to carry with you in addition to a regular white gas or butane stove. It will burn 10 minutes on 5 soda capfuls of fuel and costs about 5 dollars, and you get to eat the mints!
It will simmer things and keep things hot and, provided you can wait for 6 minutes, this thing can make a good cup of coffee or tea.

1.Buy a tin of altoids, I recommend the rectngular tin as it is larger and is easier to work with.

2.Buy a bag of perlite. Perlite is a porous rock that is used for garden dainage. It will suck up excess alcohol while it waits to be burned. Perlite is non-flammable. A six litre bag of it will cost you $3 at a nursery or garden center.

3. Get some ALUMINUM window screening. DO NOT GET nylon window screening, as it will melt instantly from the heat.

4. Trace the altoids tin shape onto the screening and cut out with scissors.

5. fill the (empty) tin with perlite. Then put the window screening on top and push down until the window screening catches on the rolled over tin edge. The screening keeps in the perlite.

6. Get some alcohol (runs on ethanol and methanol, also runs on isoprpyl but is a bit sooty). I got 95% ethanol based rubbing alcohol at Shoppers drug mart. It burns clean and hot. pour in about 4 soda bottle capfuls, try to make the fuel spread out.ligh with a match or lighter by holding the flame against the screen.

It got 1 cup water to a low boil in about 10 minutes... with a 3/8 inch thick aluminum pot! Works great for making noodle dinners or drinks. It weighed in at
1 oz!

This is the stove in action with a coat hanger pot holder. The stove burns with a hot blue flame.

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Note: Based on many "earlier" stoves, especially the dryer altoids stove