Hello World
I haven't posted here for years, but soon I'll be sewing a new project, so here it is:

Anyone heard of Polartec 2000? The local fabric store (seattle fabrics) says it's water-resistant and breathable, but every reference online is to diving and kayaking. Pennys' site says it's neoprene bonded to fleece. I think the face fabric definitely looks like neoprene. The jacket is supposed to be a soft shell hoodie. My choices at this store are windproof fleece, polartec PowerShield, and Polartec 2000, and i was leaning toward 2000 for extra warmth (the PowerShield has very minimal fleecing on the inside), but am concerned about the breathability. I could use the Powershield and add a light capilene-type liner, too, i guess, but simpler is better. The jacket is for cycling, skiing, and all-around use.