Camper mom you have some of the best ideas. I love the built up pad idea- how do you come up with these wonderful things? This is how I ended up with bail handle and not the fiberglass wick, or other. Although, I do really like the wick and think that it may actually decrease fuel usage by insulating the pot. So, I think it is a good thing.

I am not sure that I am following the manufacturers recommended usage for this can/pot, but as you can see in the above pics, it has been in the fire. I like to have the ability to use fire for cooking/water boiling- it is part of my emergency preparedeness. I can imagine loosing my fuel, or worse my water purification and my fuel. So as part of my emergency kit I like a pot that can be used on a fire. I also like to boil water over the fire to conserve fuel sometimes. In the winter I like to sit around the fire with a pot of water heating, then I pour that in my platy, boil some more, until the platy is full. I can keep the platy in my bivy, and in the morning I have purified water. And on trips when I did not plan my fuel properly I can fire cook at night and stove cook in the morning. I rarely have a morning fire, anyway-- and I want my coffee NOW!