Alright, REI dangled a 20% coupon in front of me again, and curiosity got the better of me. So I ordered one of these, and got it last Friday (it was on backorder, but I only had to wait a few days). The weights posted here are accurate. I weighed mine in at 8.64 oz with everything minus the bottle adaptor (don't need it with Platy and soda bottles). My hiker with everything except the bottle adaptor is 13.05 oz.

So for all the "trash talking" I did earlier in this thread, what do I think? Well, I think this thing is pretty darn cool. I have only tested it in my kitchen, so use in the field will tell the real story. I will actually be out on a multiple day trip in a week, so I'll report on it when I get back.

A couple of general observations:
1. The manual recommends back flushing every 8 liters (basically once a day). I have read a lot of negative stuff about having to back flush, but I tested it out using a platy hoser and thought was pretty easy. I suppose if you use a bottle or something you have to invert it might be more difficult.
2. This thing is about as fast as advertised. I didn't time myself, but it took about 12 pumps to fill up a 20 oz bottle. I can't remember how many pumps it took me with the Hiker, but it was several more than 12.