I will just say that even if the weight [of the Katadyn Hiker] is 13 oz., the HyperFlow is 5.5 oz. lighter. For the lightweight zealots, saving almost 6 oz on one piece of gear is significant.

<img src="/forums/images/graemlins/confused.gif" alt="" /> As you know (since you just said so last week), the 7.5 ounce figure for the Hyperflow is only for the filter itself, not for some of the essential things you would need to operate it in the field.

Fresh off my scale: the Hiker filter cartridge, filter body, two hoses, prefilter, and fitting for Nalgene/MSR openings weighs 349 grams or 12.3 ounces. If the required stuff for the Hyperflow is indeed around 11 ounces or even less, then that's certainly lighter, perhaps significantly so. But it isn't six ounces. Apples to apples, please.
Unfortunately I'm away from my digital scale, but when I get home I'll take out my Hiker and my new production HyperFlow filter (which hopefully is waiting for me at home) and weigh them. I'm as interested as anyone and am taking Cascade Designs at their word that the weight is really the pump, hose, and prefilter. I promise that I will give you the exact weight that I get on the HyperFlow and the Hiker and be as fair as is possible. If the HyperFlow does come in at 11oz. or more and the Hiker is 12.3 oz. then I will correct my past posts. I hate it when companies use weight as a marketing tool. There isn't a "minimum" weight for pumps. Either you carry the pump, hoses and prefilter, or you don't really have a filter.
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