Well, not to start an argument here, but I also have a Hiker and I just recently weighed it at slightly over 13 oz with just about everything included. So you could probably get in the sub 12 oz range if you just take the filter and hoses along.

You also never addressed the cold issue that has been mentioned in multiple posts in this thread. Is that just a fact that it is susceptible to damage in freezing temperatures due to the technology, or can this thing in fact be used in freezing temperatures?

I myslef was gung ho to drop the cash on one, but as I read more it seems as though the only advantage of this filter over the Hiker is the speed. That's really not enough to make me want to get one. Not being a water treatment specialist I am also concerned about what others have posted discussing the issues of things like chemicals getting through this type of filter technology. Yeah I know, it probably isn't a big deal here in the backcountry of the US, but it's still something to consider.