According to the Trailspace review, the real weight of the filter comes in around 11oz. If the filter is susceptible to freezing and damage from dropping, and if it does, in fact, weigh 11 oz., and if it costs $100, then the only advantage that it has over the Pur Hiker is that it pumps faster. A Hiker can be had for $60, weighs 11 oz. and is not susceptible to freezing and dropping, so why would anyone spend the $100?
Trailspace is weighing the bag, cap, and filter. The weight quoted on msrgear.com is just the filter. This is the same for the Hiker. In fact, after having weighed the Hiker on my digital scale, the weight they quote on their box doesn't include the hose or prefilter. The actual weight is around 15oz. for the Hiker.

The fact that it is 3 times faster and that it can be field maintained (ie. cleaned) in the field are definite advantages. It is also rated to pump more water per filter life (1000L for the HyperFlow vs. 750L for the Hiker). The other thing I really like about the HyperFlow is that it is so compact. The Hiker is also, but does not pack together as well, especially with the ungainly hoses. The HyperFlow has a unique prefilter which also serves as a 'hose-holder'. Once your finished you simply wrap up the hose around the filter and secure it using the velcro straps on the prefilter. It is easy and super slick. The way it attaches to either a wide-mouth (64mm) bottle or a Drom or Dromlite bag is also much better designed. There are many details that are not explained just by looking at the basic specs of both filters. It's a cool little filter that introduces a brand new technology to the water filter fray. This is always a good thing <img src="/forums/images/graemlins/smirk.gif" alt="" />.

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