Thanks, Jason - sounds like, as usual, MSR has thought things through before bringing something to market. As I've often told my Scouts and others wanting gear advice, you really can't go wrong with MSR. It may not be the lightest, and they won't always be the first to do something - but when they do it, they do it right.

Although I'm currently trying to lower my pack weight by 4 pounds, I'm not yet certain I'll end up abandoning my trusted mainline gear: Hubba, Miniworks, Pocket Rocket, Titan kettle, and Thermarest. While 20 pounds, total, for a weeklong trip is a great target, the 24 I was carrying certainly wasn't burdensome, and I haven't yet found anything quite as convenient, comfortable, or reliable as the MSR gear.

It is awfully nice to have a job you really love, isn't it?