The pump will come with a special "cap" that will fit on either a Nalgene bottle or our Drombags (wide-mouth). The filter will lock on to this cap allowing the user to use it as a handle for pumping. This cap does require that you use something with the Nalgene size wide-mouth threads in order to use it similar to the Miniworks. The filter has the ability filter directly into a resevoir (Camelbak, Platypus, etc.) by taking off the bite valve and inserting the hose directly on the outlet which will press fit on similar to the inlet hose. The user can also cut off a section of the inlet hose to be used as an outlet hose by press fitting it on the same way as the hydration hose (hope that made sense). In this way other bottles can be used.

One of the things I try to avoid is promoting Cascade Designs on this website because I am a rep for them. I love coming on here and hearing about others experiences with their gear as well as learn about what is new in the lightweight market. I am passionate about the outdoors and gear and love to talk about it. I guess you can say I love my job:).
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