Dealt with the same problem a few years ago and dead ended in my search for what I wanted. I came up with a few alternatives, however, for your consideration

(1) Quick Realease Buckles come in 5/8" size and are very light (about 1/5 ounce each). I tie one side of the buckle to the tent pole and the other is connected to the tent with lightweight 1/2" nylon webbing.

(2) I found some S shaped nylon connectors for hanging Christmas Tree Lights. They just happen to grip the most popular sized poles. Can't tell you where to get them. They were on an after Christmas sale table.

(3) Stan Sport sells pole hooks that fit poles of about 1/2" diameter. They usually are on the racks in sporting goods stores that have firestarters, toilet paper, small salt and pepper shakers, etc. for camping.

(4) has many pieces of hardware for kites. They typically fit carbon fiber tubing that is about the size of popular tent poles. The father of the owner of the store will make custom made fittings and people on the discussion forum say he doesn't charge much. Haven't tried him myself.

(5) Lowes has a great section with many nylon parts. You might want to run through all of their drawers and see if something will work.

(6) Seattle Fabric sells several types of nylon snap hooks. You may find one that is strong enough. If you clip off the retainer portion it will be easier to put it on and off the pole.

(7) Hooks can easily be made by bending wire. I like 1/8" aluminum wire but it is hard to find. It is wide enough so the ends aren't sharp if you sand them. Sharp ends can also be covered with plastic tubing or dipped in that stuff you buy to add vynal grips to tools like pliars.

Good luck.