This is nothing more than Jello gelatin with any canned or rehydrated (or fresh!) fruit you'd like to add.

1. COLD stream or spring> Should be 40 to 45 F. temperature, otherwise forget it.

2. METAL conmtainer> this conducts heat away rapidly

3. WEIGHT > to rest on top of container (so it soesn't float away!)

Make Jello according to instructions using both boiling water and cold (treated) water.

Add any fruit, nuts, etc.

Place in COLD stream or spring.

Wait 1 hour. ]
Remove, eat and amaze other backpackers. I did this on the AT in the Shennandoah National Forest and a North-to-South thru-hiker sat at the picnic table looking on in amazement. His comment was, "Now I've seen everything!"

That was just after I had eaten a cold pasta "Suddenly Salad" meal which he also never seen on the trail before.


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