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Simple Trail Spaghetti

1 jar (28oz) of your favorite spaghetti sauce
12 oz whole-wheat angel-hair pasta
Red Pepper, Basil, Garlic powder, and/or Oregano to taste

At-home preparation:
Spread the jar of spaghetti sauce on dehydrator fruit-rollup trays and dehydrate as normal for fruit leathers. When dry, break into small pieces and divide into four ziplock baggies. Break pasta into small pieces distribute equally into the baggies. Add spices as desired directly into baggies, seal and store in freezer until packing for trip. Each baggie should make enough for one person.

Variation: cook 1lb. LEAN ground beef or other lean ground meat, getting particle size as small as possible. Rinse fat away and dehydrate. Divide among the four baggies.

Empty baggie into your pot and cover with water by an inch. Amount of water above food depends on size of your pot, I use a Primus LiTech Trek kettle which is roughly as high as it is wide -- wider pots would require less water. Bring to a boil while stirring then place pot in a cozy for ten or fifteen minutes. Stir and eat.

I've made this a couple of times and it's quick and easy. Without cheese, cleanup is pretty easy. Whole-wheat pasta takes a little longer to cook and absorb the water than regular pasta, so adjust accordingly if you use regular angel-hair pasta. Try to select a sauce without large chunks which may have difficulty rehydrating.

Source for this idea was some discussion board somewhere, I have no idea which one. smile

-- Lew