Some time back I bought a Sawyer Squeeze to replace the Mini, thinking it would have a bit faster flow. I tested it at home, and the flow was considerably better than the Mini. So, after testing it with tap water, I backflushed it and then flushed the remaining water out with air, using the syringe, assuming it should be stored dry. I never used it, continuing to use the Mini for some reason.

So, the previous post reminded me that I should probably get both out and test them. The Squeeze was completely blocked. I figured the filter just needed to be re-wetted, but couldn't get more than a trickle. I did some research on the net, and tried one remedy, soaking it in vinegar, which I did for several days. Finally, I got the flow restored. So, I ran some distilled water through it, backflushed it with same, and capped the ends, leaving it wet.

Oddly, the Mini still worked OK.

Are you supposed to store these things wet?
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