Hey guys, I just had my very first camping experience, and some strange sounds at night bothered (somehow scared) me, so I'm posting in the hope that someone can tell me what it might be.

It was at a campsite in Bruce Peninsula national park (Ontario Canada), not sure if geographic location really matters but whatever.

The sound woke me up twice at night (def. after 12am but not exactly sure what time).

It sounded like someone (or something) stomping hard on the ground while passing by near my car in which I was sleeping, I could even feel the car shaken slightly on each step.

I thought it might be some large animals (maybe a bear from my newbie mind), and then I did some Google research today, realizing bears don't make that heave sound when walking.

So... what could it be if it wasn't something from my nightmare?

P.S. I'm already scared so please, don't say Bigfoot.

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