I really do like the Gregory pack. The comfort of the pack makes getting a 2 lb. pack difficult, especially with how thin the straps and hip belt appear. I was looking at the ULA Epic for a waterproof pack. Given how I don't know how it feels on my back I am unsure.

Those who are going on the trip with me in Korea have done it every year. They are big on not carrying a lot of weight. My gear with the Korea trip and the gear around the SoCal area will be different.
But with my big purchases I want them to have multiple purposes.

I think i am going to get into the ultralight movement.
Im 33 next week and a war vet. My spine is flat due to the heavy
rucking without a hip-belt for so long. There were times I couldn't get off the ground without help. I don't run 13:00+ minute 2 miles anymore. I'm slowly getting my strength back, I'm just not super-man anymore. But I still love nature and the cold because there aren't bugs.