Forgive me if this is a duplicate. I thought I posted it, but now, hours later, I do not see it.

I have had cramps from time to time and always atraibutee it to a hard hike with lots of elevation gain. Quadriceps, leg bicep, and calves. I generally stay hydrated and often eat salty snacks. But last week after a very easy hike I got cramps. I had a salty soup for dinner and I drank 16 ounces (half liter) of Gatorade when I hit the sack. I got up to pee in the night (seemed like a lot of pee so I assume I was not dehydrated) and had cramps in my legs again. I tried Calcium supplement with Vitamin D once and that seemed to help, but only did it once (small sample size, a statistician would say); any ideas?
Jim M