Hello Everyone,

I'm fairly new to backpacking, in my youth I did a lot of camping but never hiking into the backcountry to camp. Most times my friends and I would 4wd up somewhere and pull out the old 10 man tent and everything but the kitchen.

I'm planning a hike/backpacking (1-2 night 2-3day)once the weather is good. Now that I'm married I'm not sure how to pack my wife's bag. I know that we should both have some food and water plus some form of navigation just encase we get separated. But do I build her pack just like mine except for me holding the tent. Or can I put the more heavier gear in my pack, and give her all the rest?

I remember reading somewhere that the packs should be a percentage of your body weight, but don't have that in front of me. As I am a newbie, gear weight and need is foreign to me, since in the past it was how much can I fit in the truck. Any help in the matter would be great! Even gear recommendation as I'll need to get some new gear for my wife.