If you insert the pole first, then stake one end and then when you get to the other end you pick the end triangle up , spread it and pull the tent taut lifting the pole off the ground so that the other half is also taut and then stake it out you will find that it can be done the first time without re-staking.
Adding the two extra lines (I do that all the time) does take another minute of course if not on challenging ground where stakes can be pushed in.
But that is the same with all tents.
As for setting it up in the wind, apart from real life experience, I once saw a clip of 3 guys up on the Swiss alps taking half an hour, because of strong winds blowing, to set up their 4 pole 3 person semi-geodesic shelter.
(The Moment is no different there).
They were training for an Antarctic expedition.
In better conditions they could have done the job in 6 or 7 minutes.
Still, there was no way they would have used a bivvy in Antactica to save time.