Hello, my name is Warren. I plan to go west to Vancouver Island, B.C. this spring and do some hiking and I am trying figure out which rain jacket to buy.

I was looking at both the Marmot Precip and the minimalist but I have a few questions I'm hoping someone can clear up.

First, I am curious about the difference in durability between the goretex material on the minimalist and the ripstop nylon of the precip. Many reviews talk very vaguely about the difference between the two fabrics and a few seem to explain it something to the effect of "well, they're both waterproof but gore-tex is branded"

Second, both jackets received rave reviews on different sites but on the marmot website there are several reviews slamming the minimalist for not actually standing up to water after a few months. I'm hoping someone can shed light on how the reviews could be so polarized. Is there some kind of care instructions these people may not be following or whats the deal type thing.

I'm hoping i've provided enough information and that someone can attempt to answer my questions. Thanks for reading and if you have any other suggestions please let me know. Thanks.

Also, I'm on a budget but no too tight of one. I'm mostly interested in a worry free jacket that I won't cry over if I manage to screw it up.