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Brand new to the board here and I wanted to ask a question. How old is too old? I'm in my early 50s and haven't done any packing since I got out of the Marine Corps 30 years ago. I've been battling with lower back problems for about 10 years now and my wife thinks that I am crazy for even thinking about starting this up again.

I am sick of just existing in this house. I told my wife that life without living is just death without dying. So how old is too old to get started?

I am 65 and you are naught but an infant. Read the last version of The Complete Walker and some of the newer and more timely books to gear up and get going. Go light but not ultralight until your skill set is up to speed. Try and get your physical condition improved first. Carry your new pack for hikes in town loaded with water bottles, if necessary getting your load to where it will be.
Start with overnights
Ideally, find yourself a companion with some experience to fill in cracks and get you going. You should start out in smiling weather so as to not discourage yourself and over test your new skills.
Hey, if you are in the northeast, get in touch. If I am not humping patients, I am good for a couple of nights. Seriously.