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One question is, is the shirt itself uncomfortable for him (like my grandson's long pants), or does he just need something to chew on?... Of course he has to wear something to go outside in the cold, but could he continue to go shirtless indoors?

Just throwing out some ideas here. Have you consulted his teachers?

It's definitely chewing needs and not the shirt itself that's the problem. Even when he's not wearing a shirt, he's going to find something to chew on; it's just that his shirt is the most convenient thing to put in his mouth if he's wearing one. We've tried multiple other chewables, but he prefers fabric. As far as going shirtless indoors, keeping our drafty old run-down rent house a comfortable temperature in winter would be more expensive than the shirts.

And yes, we've been back and forth with his teachers on this a lot.
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