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I am wondering why you feel this would be the best choice?

We hammockers use cord made of this material for ultralight suspension (Amsteel Blue, Dynaglide, etc.). And it is almost unreal how strong it is. A 12 strand braided cord of 1.8mm diameter can reliably hold my weight with a more than comfortable safety margin (not for climbing mind you, but for hammocks). From having put together my own suspension from scratch, I can vouch that it's also incredibly tough to cut and very very slippery. It's so slippery, in fact, that it won't hold a knot; you have to use buries to put it all together.

I thought I'd vaguely remembered seeing this stuff on DIY websites for use in backpacks, but I guess I was thinking of gridstop. When I was trying to figure out if Kevlar might be better, I googled for "UHMWPE vs kevlar" and found this. That's on a cut-resistant glove manufacturer's site, so I knew it existed, but I didn't know their source. Based on the information on that page, I'd say UHMWPE is the clear winner for my application.
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